I recently participated in a panel discussion on Mormon Matters about the recent change in the First Presidency in the LDS church. I enjoyed the discussion with Rosalynde Welch, Walt Wood, and Dan Wotherspoon who had wonderful perspectives.

I value listening to different perspectives and voices. And in the weeks following the change in the First Presidency I’ve heard a variety of voices from dismay and concern to delight and enthusiasm. A reason why I value listening to these different perspectives is because I see elements of truth in many different perspectives and find that as I wrestle with understanding those I can better discern and chart my own course. I shared my thoughts about the hope I have in this change as well as discussed how and why I choose to respond to and sustain leaders even while I may think differently on matters.

For me, I choose to take 100% responsibility for what I believe, why, and how that informs my Christ-centered discipleship. So changes in leadership ultimately become another voice for me to listen to, understand, then discern in seeking the spirit. And I find hope in this new First Presidency that as I seek to listen to and discern their voices that I will be able to continue to turn towards Christ.