Resources for Understanding LGBTQ Topics

Resources for Understanding LGBTQ Topics

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This has been a topic that has been on our minds for quite some time. We feel that the societal, scientific, and religious understanding of LGBTQ people through time is complex and on-going and we’ve felt an overwhelming need for greater understanding. In order to perhaps contribute to that understanding, we created presentations of research (in PDF slideshow format) that seek to present facts about the history of societal, scientific, and religious perspectives about LGBTQ people. These presentations seek to put facts above narrative or opinion as we believe that greater awareness of information can elevate discussions, tender grace, move us from past destructive attitudes and behavior, and open hearts and minds to ongoing truths being revealed in both secular and religious spheres. While we hope this information is valuable, often the greatest source for understanding LGTBQ people are LGBTQ people themselves. We should all be willing to humbly listen to and honor LGBTQ people’s lived experiences.

These resources are available in our resources section here:

LGBTQ Understanding: Doctrine and Science

UPDATE: These resources have also been linked to in the Listen, Learn, & Love resources section.