On Gratitude

On Gratitude

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Gratitude is a transformative power. I recently took the time to write down some of the things, ideas, and people I am grateful for that have transformed my life for the better. Here are some:

1. I’m grateful for our shared humanity, the time we’re given, and for the beauty of our world.

2. I’m grateful that geo-political forces haven’t torn my family apart. Many in the world aren’t so lucky. But there is much we can do to bless the lives of families that are separated.

3. I’m grateful for the sacrifice, struggle, and courage of my ancestors (modern, ancient, and prehistoric). And I’m grateful for the human spirit which calls us to explore, grow, stretch, improve, and discover the unknown.

4. I am grateful for faith. Not faith that is ruled by creed, blind obedience, oppression, dogmatism or authoritarianism; but a faith that is living, bleeds, challenges me to do and be better, calls me to love others, improves, and leads me with trust and forgiveness.

5. I’m grateful for empathy: one of the most powerful forms of gratitude.


6. I’m grateful for science and the knowledge it gives us which creates a sense of awe, wonder, humility, and connection with all that is around us.

7. I’m grateful for my kids, summer days, and the band Justice which make family music videos possible.

8. I am grateful for modern medicine which (statistically speaking) has likely saved the lives of several people we know in our lives (if not ourselves). Many in the world are not blessed with this. But we can help provide that blessing.

9. I’m grateful for this unfathomably infinite and beautiful universe that we are a part of and which provides an inexhaustible source of exploration and discovery.

10. And finally, I’m forever grateful for my companion and best friend, Irene, who inspires me to be more while simultaneously accepts me for who I am through her unconditional love.